Ashlyne is my name

paul wesley, torrey devitto and nina dobrev is the game

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Paul Wesley giving away his nameplate to a fan at Comic Con 2010

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#my own
Daniel Gillies is Damon’s #1 fan
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Fan: What would you be if you weren’t acting?
#my own

If I feel confident wearing something, I think it translates in photographs. It changes my demeanor and posture.

I’m kind of a globetrotter. I’ve been traveling since I was born and living in different locations.

@tordevitto: He loves me.
sassypaulwesley said: When you get this, post five things you like about yourself (publicly). Then pass it on to ten of your favourite followers. :-) (Sorry for doing this, love you! :* )

1. My smile

2. My sense of humor

3. My eyes

4. My laugh

5. My creativity

(love you too!)